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A social network for your Alumni.

Create a community which helps people reach their dreams. 


Imagine a fully automated system that allows your past students to connect and help one another achieve their goals. Imagine if we said, have the first six months as a free trial.

Your branding

We will match the site to suit your branding, colours and fonts, including helping with banners and emails.

Custom URL

We will help you choose and select from a number of different names and  URLS, as long as its available.

Simple user onboarding

 Simply upload a user database CSV, and schedule when you want the sign up emails to be sent out. 

Automated notifications

There is built in notification emailing around for post  comments, related job advertisements and messaging. 

Mobile Friendly

Completely mobile friendly, the site works across all devices with ease. 

365 days support

No matter the day if need a hand we are only a phone call away. No tickets or queues. 

Sometimes it's not just who you know, it is how you know them.


Use as much or little as you like

Jobs Board

The jobs board allows businesses users to give back and recruit from the network.
Notifications emails are sent to those open to job opportunities in the matching industries. 


Troop matches those who would like to mentor in a particular field with looking for mentoring. Its as simple as a user clicking a button and saying how they can help.


Members can simply offer tuition as part of their profile, in either an education subject matter or as an industry expert, easily allowing them to be found by users seeking help.

Business Listings

Many peoples goal is to create a flourishing business for themselves. The network provides users the ability to create an easily searchable business listing that can be accessed by all.


Users can message other users directly. Not only that, but they can send group messages to all users based on their location and interest IE tennis players in London. 


Not just a newsfeed, but a community forum for all things to do with the alumni group. Users can post questions, images or videos, which can be commented on and liked.


We have provided an option for businesses to support the alumni by becoming a sponsor. This means they get a priorty listing, with logo on all email, and allows for fundraising.

User profiles

User profiles are the core of the network. We have made it so user can create a simple profile in minutes, that is searchable so users can connect and find people at will. 

Automated notifications

Making the network sticky is key, and with notifications we have found a way to keep users coming back to points that may be of interest to them, such as jobs, messages or newsfeed articles.

The Churchie Business Network

For the past three years, we have worked with David Miles from the Churchie
Old Boys Association to develop and roll out the software. It is now ready for you.

Currently there are: 
1269 users.
368 are interested in job offers. 
68 business listings. 
22 mentors.
18 tutors. 


A simple flat fee with a whopping 6 month free trial.

6 month

Free trial

We want you to love the system, not just try before buy, but truly imerse yourself in it, get a test community onboard, give us feedback, and even do a full launch before commiting to the first paid year. 


Per year

We for the next 12 months are offering a basic fee of $300 a month no matter the user count. This covers everything from branding, domain purchase, hosting and emails, including allupdates for free. 


With unlimited sponsors

The system can handle as many sponsors as you like. You simply add the profile, the start date, period and fee. EG 36 sponsors x $100 / month = $43,200 a year. Not bad.

Say hello!

Have a few questions or would like to see a demo, we are all ears.


Level 1, Building 2, 48 Easey Street
Collingwood VIC 3066


[email protected] 
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Chris Cotton
Partnerships Manager
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